random 10: I love airports

I love airports. It’s been one of my favourite places for a long time. Airports always give that feeling of something new, undiscovered, aboriginal for me. When you know after walking around or waiting in endless queues carrying a lot of stuff a journey that leads to the feelings you probable never felt before is waiting for you. It’s about hope. You always leave memories behind and even you left good ones you believe that the ones are ahead will be better. When you leave home for some place new, airport is exciting and charming because it represent the beginning point of your journey. Maybe the best one in your life, or worst. You never know, life is unexpected. On the other hand there are times when you are coming back from somewhere extremely interesting, full of emotions, mountains, rivers, deserts or oceans. The suitcase your are bringing back is nothing in compare with your mental growth, people you’ve met, adventures you’ve been through. It is like going back to your diary to write down your busy day. And when you are back, everything that happened to you just seems different, under a whole different spectrum light that you never had abroad… I love airports. The beginning and the ending point of glimpses of lives we always wonder about.

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