Latest Make Up Favourites

Since you dive into make up world you get to know more brands and more products that may or may not fit you. I’ve been introduced to a lot of products since the last time I wrote a make up post. So here are the products that entered my daily routine.

More about the products in the post. Click below.

1) NYX Powder Blush in PB11 Taupe
This colour is perfect for contouring on a pale face. I add a little bit of my favourite bronzing Pupa Luminys Baked All Over and it looks exactly what I’m aiming for in contouring.

2) MAC Soft&Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish i.e. highlighter.
Classy and cliche choice for glowing face. Sometimes it is weird that I even use it in the morning 🙂 but glam is glam wherever you go. Even work.

3) Pupa I’m Pupa Matt Lip Fluid in 013.
This is affordable matte liquid lipstick from pupa I use almost everyday. Very trendy colour makes everyone ask for its brand and they get surprised when I admit is’t just Pupa we all know 🙂 The texture is nice, it doesn’t dry out on your lips but gives that matte finish we all aim for lately.

4) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
Until you use a really good and high quality sponge you don’t seem to understand what is possibly can be the difference between sponges. But here you have Real Techniques sponge which multitasking shape helps you to blend/apply your concealer, foundation, powder etc. Give it a try. It’s one of those products you don’t regret spending on.

5) Bioderma Make Up Removing Micelle Solution for sensitive skin.
Cleanses your skin really well. Good for face, eyes and lips. No dry skin afterwards. Fragrance free. Highly recommended as a make up remover.

6)Sephora waterproof eye pencil.
Very wide range of nice colours to choose. I picked three: turquoise 24 Surfer Babe, golden 08 Sun Tan and dark violet 33 Love Affair. Fell in love with the last one because it goes really well with my light hazel eyes and catches attention because looks very unique. I use it with Giorgio Armani Eye Tint liquid eyeshadow in 8 on a daily basis. I only use these two products and it’s possible to create a proper look. Works for quick casual make up in the morning.
Overall the quality of pencils is satisfying, because you can use it for your waterline and it says for hours. I use turquoise this way with dark blue eyeshadows. Btw somehow it changes my eye colour, makes it more grey.

Sephora eye pencil 33 Love affair

7) The last eyeshadow palette from The Balm is a recent addition to my collection. Present from my colleagues. They know I’m crazy about eyeshadows and nudes are the most used colours for me, because of my eye colour. Loved the shiny ones, and matte works for transition. Titles and packaging are slaying 😀 Thank you, guys if you are reading this.


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