Period drama movies fan

Everyone around me knows that I’m a huge period drama movies fan. It all started with Jane Austen novels adaptations and then grew into something bigger.  Lately I have watched several period dramas I was impressed by and specifically would highlight war movies. I am delighted to share them with you in case someone among the readers shares my passion.

Suite Française (2014)
Outstanding performance of leading role actors amazes you alongside the story itself. Incredible love story that develops in front of your eyes. The one should’ve never happen.  Just watch and see. Highly recommended.
The Danish Girl (2015)
True story about the first transgender woman. Eddie is a true talent, that shines playing such a feminine character. Must watch.
Testament of Youth (2014)
I’m a war movies freak and I agree with the first review on the poster ‘Stunningly good… Desperately moving’.  I think because it is an adaptation of the first war memoirs written by a woman, therefore a true story, so it’s even more overwhelming to watch. I don’t realise it fully but there is something special about movies and stories during a war, even though I’m against any war in every possible way. The story of a young woman that goes through World War I and it takes away everything from her.
War and Peace (TV series) (2016)
I can talk about this topic for hours. But I’m not going to now 🙂 BBC took a new spin on epic novel and made the characters more realistic than those utterly exaggerated in book for the sake of conveying message and idea to the reader. When you read the book or watched previous adaptations it always seemed unreal how people acted, but here you can relate to them more. Despite all, they missed some important ideas. Probably because it is practically impossible to put this huge book into movie  or even TV series.
A Promise (2013)
Classic love triangle story originally written by Stefan Zweig. Adapted version is wider and a bit different that author’s version. Nice scenery and costumes guaranteed.
Birdsong (2012)
Forbidden love story starring Clemence Poesy and Eddie Redmayne. In some ways it is a bit cliche but again war interferes the story and makes it very touching. An eye candy for period drama fans like me.

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