Shoe crush: Chanel slingbacks

Sometimes you look around, see men and decide to fall for a shoe. Not just a random shoe but Chanel slingback. I remember when I saw it on runway. While everyone was busy admiring unforgettable interior of Karl’s Chanel cafe during FW15 show I stared at those slingbacks on models, dreamed of wearing them even though had a very blurry understanding how to fit in very feminine and classy shoe in a modern day looks of a young woman. A little time had passed till they were on every fashionista around the world. I invite you to admire these iconic shoes alongside me.





Can’t even imagine risking them in rain 🙂


Despite its classy silhouette this timeless piece goes with any outfit you want.


Craftsmanship in luxury products is the necessity.


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 05.08.35

The model comes in variety of materials, colours and heels. But suede nudes are my favourite.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 05.13.05

Also check out 4 episodes of The Slingback Stories, or how to wear Chanel’s two-tone slingback shoe.

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