I was looking through my old blog posts and came across one of my favourites about St Dunstan Church. I pour my heart out there about my infinite love to London. That post took me to London and brought back. Back to Baku. I love Baku, because as I always say: there is no way you can’t love the city you grew up, became a person you are today. It is where you went to school, gained friends, lost them, spent your careless university years, gained new friends, lost a couple again. This city, its every street and every corner hides a part of your journey. But yesterday I realized something. I like Baku at its most quiet moments. Because the city where your home is should bring peace. When the crowd is already home and streets are empty. It’s winter evenings when it’s cold and summer afternoons when it’s too hot. At these hours most people hide somewhere inside leaving Baku for those who want to enjoy it alone, to me.

Photos by @guunii

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