I’m sharing very personal part of my life in this post which is our engagement with my fiancé. Kenan and I got engaged on the 9th of July, 2017 surrounded by family and friends. We’ve only been dating for 7 months at the moment of the event and it still seems unbelievable. We planned the event in less than 6 weeks. If it was for me I would only celebrate the wedding, but sometimes you can’t go against traditions 🙂 So we decided to make it as casual as the traditions let us. The dinner reception was at Bulud Restaurant located in front of contemporary landmark of Baku, Zaha Hadid’s latest architectural masterpiece. They were able to seat 70 guests that felt both casual and comfortable. Live music by Silk Way Band accompanied the evening. The ring ceremony took place at the beginning of the reception, then we took a lot of photos and danced the night away sharing our happiness with others. Here are some of the photographs from the event and our photo shoot.

DSC04954DSC04937-1 copyDSC04944DSC04946IMG_8412IMG_8389IMG_8352IMG_8488IMG_8573IMG_8580IMG_9310img_9539.jpg

Photos by Sadikhly Elbay

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